Our Companions

Our Home Care Aids are special people. Each one is compassionate, caring and fully aware of the special needs of the elderly and the physically challenged. Every Home Care Aids receives ongoing training and is carefully instructed on the support and special requirements of you and your family. Once placed with a client, each Home Care Aids is oriented about the client’s health history, interests and hobbies, as well as dietary needs and preferences. Before receiving his or her case assignments, each member of our highly skilled team of Home Care Aids is comprehensively background-checked, bonded, insured and monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure the highest quality care and companionship. Our Home Care Aids are thoroughly consulted on the special challenges presented by your circumstance, and will work closely with you so that your evolving needs are expertly addressed. Background and References Checks

We apply two methods of research to find out about our Home Care Aids performance and their background. We ensure our Home Care Aids have a valid work permit, have passed a TB (Tuberculosis) test and have a clean criminal background check. We then call references-clients they have worked for over the past few years and personally speak to them and/or family members. We ask questions such as: how long did this person work for you? Was he/she on time? Did you find him/her personality to be a fit with your family member/s? Was he/she knowledgeable about care giving? What would you say his/her strengths are and what (if any) are his/her weaknesses?

Professional Training

All our Home Care Aids have had formal training such as Personal Support Worker (PSW), Health Care Aid (HCA), etc. They all come to us with at least one year of verifiable experience working with mature adults. All our Home Care Aids are qualified and undergo an ongoing diverse training/development program to up-skill their level of competency. To meet the needs of our culturally diverse community, Nurse Care Alliance employs numerous Home Care Aids who are bilingual. Home Care Aid Assignment

After we do the initial assessment in your home or at the facility, we come back to the office and carefully review your needs, experiences, and interests. We take that information and choose a qualified Home Care Aids who we believe would be just right for you. Our care manager will then periodically visit or call the client to supervise and support the home care aid as well as continually assessing the home care needed and the quality of care given. At any time, we are available to you and your Home Care Aids, simply call the office.